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NCIS stands for Niner Clinical Immersion School.  It's an innovative program designed to increase the level of meaningful engagement for pre-student teacher candidates in P12 schools.  The word "immersion" is important... NCIS is a way to "immerse" candidates in the P12 classroom while at the same time taking coursework to train you to become a teacher.  NCIS restructures the required clinical hours assigned to courses to better serve the needs of our teacher education candidates. We are beginning with graduate certificate teacher education candidates recently accepted into our program.  We eventually anticipate adapting the NCIS model with our undergraduate programs as well; however, at this time we are only accepting graduate certificate candidates for NCIS.

The goals of NCIS are:

  • Developing "true partnerships" with P12 schools in candidate preparation

  • Fostering extensive interactions with candidates + teachers at school sites

  • Creating a stronger communication loop between candidates, university faculty and P12 stakeholders

  • Increasing feedback to candidates from P12 partners

  • Deepening levels of engagement for candidates at school sites

  • Cultivating effective relationships for success in student teaching

For more information, visit the links on the left and email us or call at 704-687-8805.