General Information


General Structure: Two schools are paired together for diversity of candidate experience and program needs.

  • Candidates apply for placements when they are admitted to the UNC Charlotte Teacher Education program
  • Candidates are assigned to 2 sites for extended periods of time, probably 1-2 semesters each
  • Candidates are assigned to a TEAM of teachers for pre-student teaching clinicals
  • Candidates explore opportunites to network with P-12 school partners in a local area school district

gen structure

What happens when the candidate enters the school as part of the NCIS program?

school 1

school b

Proposed Human Interactions - NCIS Clinical Model

ncis clinical model

UNCC liason

Benefits of the NCIS model to P-12 Partners

• Increased engagement with teacher preparation programs
• Developing P12 teacher leadership
• Providing opportunity to “grow your own” – “interviewing for a year (or more)”
• Filling vacancies from these candidates after candidates have completed the program
• Exploring and researching a different model for teacher preparation
• Providing tutors, proctors, mentors to P12 students – an extra set of hands in classrooms
• Increasing retention of teacher candidates in the profession – “success breeds success”
• Increasing effectiveness and impact in P12 classrooms
• Fostering a strong support system for beginning teachers
• Fostering reflection and growth on P12 practices – push for continuous improvement at school level

Benefits of the NCIS model to Teacher Candidates

• Having a sustained, long-term placement = increased rapport with P12 educators, increased efficacy, authentic experiences
• Removing uncertainty over “where is my placement?” – candidates will request a school system convenient to their location; candidates will know their placement sites when the semester begins
• Getting candidates in schools sooner
• Working with a cadre of teachers – wider variety of experiences, understandings
• Providing candidates the opportunity to have a “foot in the door” for employment
• Providing higher levels of candidate support through increased alignment of clinical + coursework experiences = greater possibility for retention, high impact

Questions? Please contact Rex Mangiaracina or Dr. Laura Hart or by calling 704-687-8805 (or 704-687-8163 if you need immediate assistance).